Sunday 2 December 2007

Save the Workers Charter newspaper!

1 December 2007

Dear Friends,

The future of Workers Charter

The Workers Charter newspaper has been published monthly for two years now. It has been part of an attempt to create a broad left alternative to Labour. It has brought a fresh look to union issues, worker struggles and social movements. The paper has endeavoured to combine reporting on these issues with insightful commentary and some in-depth analysis as well as providing general interest material including sports, film reviews and history pieces.

It has a small but dedicated regular readership.

However after two years we have just 300 subscribers and need to seriously look at the future of the paper. (We owe $4,800 in loans, $2000 to the printers and we have just $450 in the bank – all this before we look at printing the December issue!)

Is it serving a useful purpose?

If so then why has it not gained a wider subscription base?

Does the product justify the huge effort to produce it?

This needs to be a frank discussion with a broad range of individuals and organisations taking part.

We welcome your participation –

Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road Grey Lynn

1pm to 2.30pm

Saturday 15th December

If you love the paper come along and let us know.

If you hate the paper we need you even more!!

If you’ve never heard of it come and find out about it.


John Minto

- for the editorial group

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