Friday 30 November 2007

PUBLIC FORUM: A new left in New Zealand

UNITY magazine presents... PUBLIC FORUM “A New Left Party: Build it Now!” The Labour government’s demonisation of the Urewera 17 is just another nail in the coffin of any claims it has to represent working people, Maori or anyone else up at th sharp end of globalisation and imperialism. Around the world, new left parties built by the millions and not the millionaires are rising up to take the fight to the “centre-left” parties who have spat upon the people who built them. Come and join the discussion, and hear about some of the things that have been happening in Aotearoa recently as activists and workers take the first step to our own new party of the Left.
Wednesday December 5th, 7:30 pm Unite Union Offices 12th floor, cnr Queen Street and Wellesley Street

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Daphne said...

Don Franks of the Workers Party writes:

"I don't have any comments, but do have some questions, which I would put to
the meeting if I was able to be in Auckland on that date.

There are already several left parties in New Zealand.
What are the arguments for starting a new one, as opposed to putting energy
into existing ones?

The original article cites recent negative Labour party behaviour as a
reason for creating a new left party.
This suggests to me that the forum organisers see Labour as the predominant
New Zealand left party, which has now irreperably failed.
Is is the intention of the organisers to
attempt the creation of a new social democratic party?"