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Race hate speech by Aussie Islamophobe in Wellington

RAM - Residents Action Movement
Media release on Voices of Peace
27 July 2007

Race hate speech by Aussie Islamophobe in Wellington

Glyn Carpenter of Vision Network claims that there are "no Islamophobes" at the Mosques and Miracles conferences in Wellington and Auckland. He attacks organisers of the alternative Voices of Peace meetings for saying otherwise. (See Mr Carpenter's media release below.)

How does Mr Carpenter reconcile his claims with the fact that, at the short public section of the mostly closed-door Mosques and Miracles conference in Wellington on 25 July, Australian extreme right-wing Christian Daniel Shayesteh stated:

  • "To be a good radical Muslim you must kill Christians & Jews."
  • "Muslims always build mosques on mountainsides... [as] places to retreat when they have destroyed the surrounding cities."
  • "Mosques [are their] centre of war... this is the main purpose/activity of every mosque in the world."
  • "Muslims tell lies [which are] sanctioned by the Qur'an."
  • "The Qur'an says you must terrorise the people who are not Muslim."
  • "The Qur'an sanctions the killing of non-Muslims to advance Islam ­ but not the killing of virgins. They are [first] raped and then killed."
  • "In Islam your wife is your property, an animal, she must be corrected by beating[s]."
  • "Muslims... have sad, angry faces."

RAM organiser Grant Morgan, a convenor of the Voices of Peace meetings, posed these questions: "I ask Mr Carpenter: if this is not Islamophobia, then what is it? I say to Mr Carpenter: how can you defend such blatant race hate talk? I ask Mr Carpenter: Why are you defending the Australian extremists like Mr Shayesteh who are now touring New Zealand trying to create a race hate movement in our country?"

"While I am not a Muslim, I have been inside almost all mosques across Greater Auckland. I can assure the people of New Zealand that, contrary to Mr Shayesteh's lurid claims about 'every mosque in the world' being a 'centre of war', there are no caches of AK47's in the storage cupboards or stacks of bomb-making gear in the basements of this region's mosques," said Grant Morgan.

"RAM will be campaigning hard in the looming council elections in Auckland against the Islamophobia that Mr Carpenter is defending," said Grant Morgan. "We will be saying - We ALL belong here. RAM believes that all councillors and all council candidates have a public duty to protect our communities from the sort of race hatred that Mr Shayesteh and other Australian Islamophobes are now trying to spread inside our country."

A full report on the open section of the Wellington Mosques and Miracles conference is below.

Grant Morgan

Organiser of RAM - Residents Action Movement
021 2544 515

Mosques and Miracles

Hope Centre
Lower Hutt


19:30 hrs Wednesday 25th July 2007

Speakers: Stuart Robinson, Mark Durie, Daniel Shayesteh (keynote speaker ­ Iranian former muslim (radical) political the Director of the interdenominational organisation 'Exodus from Darkness')

There have been 15 conferences in 5 nations.

Mosques and Miracles: Revealing Islam and God's Grace (book) by Stuart Robinson
Pt 1: What Islam is doing around the world - taking over the world
Pt 2: Why it's happening, what is driving them
Pt 3: What God is doing (supernatural responses) and what "we" can do - "what to say to a Muslim if you happen to find yourself sitting next to one on the train"

Public meeting began with an excited crowd on its feet...mass singing accompanied by loud "rock" band ­ - lots of repetition of praise, hand waving, some in a state of rapture...all this while our Honorary Consul for Israel, with wife and two others, sat quietly bemused...though it was soon evident how delighted Mr Zwartz must have been with the objectives of the "missionary team".

Points from Daniel Shayesteh's talk:

_ Westerners have no experience of Islam and don't understand ­ don't know the facts and TRUTH. Added a story about an Egyptian, Zakariah Botross, who was visited by Jesus in a dream and then by the holy spirit. He is a Coptic Christian and cannot live in the Middle East as converts to Christianity must be killed. He now lives in the States...the FBI told him that one man had come to the US just to find where he lived ­ there is reward for millions of dollars on his head.

_ It is a myth that Christians, Muslims and Jews worship the same God. The God of Christians has a a personal God. The God of all other religions, particularly Islam, is impersonal. "The Christian God is lovely, he is the best!" and the admiring crowd smiled with knowing delight when Daniel shouted "Jesus is yummy, he's delicious!" Whereas Jesus of the Koran will return and destroy the Cross and Christianity...much tut-tutting followed this.

_ Christians and Jews are unclean - Mr Zwartz and friends did not look concerned - ­ and you must cleanse yourself after touching them or having them in your house...and the cleansing is expensive. Jew and Christian are the worst swearwords in Islamic countries.

_ To be a good radical Muslim you must kill Christians and Jews. Hizbollah was started as an army to take over Israel and kill off was to capture Lebanon with Israel as the goal. Then move on the US where there are many Jews.

_ Muslims always build mosques on mountainsides...wherever they are (indicating the surrounding hills) they will search for places in the mountains...they have maps. These are safe havens where they can plan in isolation and places to retreat to when they have destroyed the surrounding cities. This is why they live in caves in the mountains of Afghanistan.

_ There are two main reasons for the establishment of mosques:

1. Centre of War ­ against non-Muslims...non-Muslims are ingenuous and don't realise this is the main purpose/activity of every mosque in the world...the idea of peace is a myth ­ a lie.
2. Build the mosque, own the country ­ when a mosque is built, then in Islam's eyes that country belongs to the Islamic world and not to the non-Muslims who live there. "Is there a mosque here?" A resounding "YES" is the reply as the audience looked around at each other. This is going to be the destiny of your country, they have a plan. Wake up! Then he said he wasn't there to frighten people and promptly mentioned that, as part of his Islamic training in Iran, he had been taught how to cut of the heads of non-Muslims...gasps from the audience.

- Muslims tell lies ­ sanctioned by the Islam it is okay to lie in order to further the aims of the religion. Great emphasis placed on lying...theme repeated throughout the talk. The leaders all know the truth, their followers will not. They lie about the true aims of Islam and westerners gullibly believe them ­ because we are so nice.

_ Islamic law is the worst in the world because it is of God and cannot be contrast to Communism which is of the people and can be overcome.

The Koran says you must terrorise the people who are not is joy in Islam to give pain to your opposition.

The Koran sanctions the killing of non-Muslims to advance Islam but not the killing of virgins. They are raped and then killed.

Apostasy (conversion from Islam) is punishable by death...much reference to this by example. He elaborated on persecution stating that this was the typical experience of non-Muslims in Muslim countries...some convincing examples from Saudi Arabia. He referred to recent stories from Iran of people killing their own children who had converted...he said they had no choice because Allah teaches that Christians need to be killed. The people have no choice ­ if they do not kill their children, the whole family will suffer humilation and ostracism.

Women must be veiled from the age of 7 as they can be married at this age...more horrified gasps from audience. The paedophilic intimation was obvious. He gave examples of old men with wives, as young as 6, and asked the audience to imagine what it would be like. Reference, with quotations from the Koran, about Mohammed's marriage to a 6yr old which was consummated when she was 9.

In Islam your wife is your property, an animal, she must be corrected by beating. Jesus said love your wife. Daniel apologised to his wife when he converted and called her "honey".

Christianity takes away the uncertainty of one's future...there is security of eternal life, of happiness, of justice. No other religion guarantees salvation in return for simple belief. "Christianity is the best" and "Jesus is nice"... "the people are lovely...the music is lovely too".

Muslims are taught to hate and to punish...they have sad, angry faces. He repeated this and finished with a picture of his three smiling daughters and wife and commented on their lovely hair ­ earlier we had seen a photo taken when they were younger in Iran, dressed in black and hair covered...serious faces ­ he said their expressions were due to Islam.

Concluding words from MC:

"That was one man who was trained to hate, kill and destroy. God can work amazing changes in our lives. Once an agent of destruction and death and now an agent of love and life." Made a comparison with Saul becoming Paul after meeting Jesus on the road of Damascus.
Prayers followed, especially for people who stood because they felt particularly moved by the presence of God this night ­ the pastor asked that "God would visit these lives supernaturally tonight". He then asked for pledges to support the mission ­ and asked people to buy the DVD of the night on sale in the foyer. "What will you do to continue this work? I ask you in the presence of God." Emphasis on taking action before it is too late. The mission will continue in many the UK next year. Muslims need to be saved...pray for them...hug them!

No Islamophobes at Mosques and Miracles

Thursday, 26 July 2007, 8:42 am

Press Release: Vision Network of NZ
No Islamophobes at Mosques and Miracles ³Where are the ³Voices of Peace?²

Contrary to statements made by organisers of the ³Voices of Peace² conference, the Mosques and Miracles conference speakers and attendees are anything but Islamophobes.

Glyn Carpenter of Vision Network of New Zealand, who has helped promote the Mosques and Miracles conferences, says ³the conference is essentially a reminder to Christians of the basic teaching to love others. Certainly the speakers are sharing from their considerable experience of Islam, which includes living in Islamic countries, about the diversity within Islam, and issues to be considered.

It is ironic and concerning that organisers of a conference called ³Voices of Peace² would use terms like ³NZ Islamophobes², ³Aussie extremists², and ³far-right Islamophobic idealogues² about this conference.


Glyn Carpenter,
National Director
Vision Network of New Zealand


GEORGE GALLOWAY will be addressing these two meetings:


7.30pm, Saturday 28 July.
Auckland Girls Grammar School Theatre.
16 Howe St (off Karangahape Rd).
The three other speakers are:
  • JAVED KHAN, president of Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ.
  • PAUL BUCHANAN, international security analyst & director of the Working Group on Alternative Security Perspectives.
  • GRANT MORGAN, organiser of RAM - Residents Action Movement.
Limit of 800 seats, so those interested are being advised to get there early. NO DOOR CHARGE. Donations will be accepted. Off street car parks available.


6.30pm, Friday 27 July.
[NOTE: Meeting starts a half-hour later than first advertised.]
Library Basement, University of Auckland, Alfred St, central city (opposite Maidment Theatre).
The three other speakers are:
  • NIBRAS KARDAMAN, young Muslim woman & representative of the Working Together Group.
  • HANNAH SPIERER co-leader of Greens on Campus.
  • GRANT MORGAN, organiser of RAM - Residents Action Movement.
NO DOOR CHARGE. Donations will be accepted.

Both meetings OPEN TO THE MEDIA.


There will also be Voices of Peace workshops where the nature of Islamophobia will be examined by Muslims and non-Muslims and moves made towards forming a broad activist network which will campaign against racism and other social injustices. George Galloway will give the introduction.
2-5pm, Sunday 29 July.
Fickling Convention Centre, 546 Mt Albert Rd, Three Kings.
Limit of 250 participants, so those interested are being advised to get there early. Plenty of off street parking. NO DOOR CHARGE. Donations will be accepted.

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