Sunday, 29 July 2007

Big crowds attend Voices of Peace meetings

RAM - Residents Action Movement Media release on Voices of Peace 29 July 2007 Big crowds attend Voices of Peace meetings in Auckland
Last night 800 Aucklanders attended the Voices of Peace meeting at the Auckland Girls Grammar Theatre in Auckland. The theatre was packed out, while scores more had to be turned away. The evening before, a maximum crowd of 450 had packed an Auckland University lecture theatre for the first Voices of Peace meeting. These big crowds heard British MP George Galloway link the global rise of Islamophobia with the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Israeli occupation and Palestine and similar imperial crusades to exploit the resources and peoples of the Middle East and elsewhere. The other speakers were Javed Khan, president of the Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ, Paul Buchanan, an internationally recognised expert on threat assessment, and Grant Morgan, the organiser of RAM - Residents Action Movement. The more than 1,200 people who attended the two Auckland Voices of Peace meetings contrasted sharply with the pathetic 30 who turned out to the Wellington leg of Mosques and Miracles, the race hate touring show fronted by a group of professional Islamophobes from Australia. "The Aussie Islamophobes had hired the Hope Centre in Lower Hutt which easily holds over 200 people. The 30 registrations they received for the Wellington Mosques and Miracles meeting was a major setback to their aim of building a rate hate movement against Muslims in New Zealand," said RAM organiser Grant Morgan. "I have been informed that less than 200 turned up to the Auckland Mosques and Miracles meeting yesterday at the Greenlane Christian Centre. Again, this was way below the calculations of the organisers." "The tiny numbers turning up to hear the Aussie Islamophobes, compared to the over 1,200 Aucklanders attending the two Auckland Voices of Peace meetings, is a heartening sign that the vast majority of Christians and other people in New Zealand want a society built on the principle of social inclusion, not communal conflict," said Grant Morgan. "However, we must not under-estimate the potential threat posed by these Islamophobes who are claiming that every mosque is a 'centre of war' where New Zealand Muslims are plotting to destroy surrounding cities and terrorise, rape and kill non-Muslims. As George Galloway pointed out, when Adolf Hitler started making similar comments about Jews in Germany, he was treated as a 'music hall joke'. We must tackle this threat in New Zealand before the poisonous lies of the Islamophobes infect the body politic." "Last night, at the Voices of Peace meeting, I pledged that RAM would be campaigning around the theme 'We all belong here' in the September council elections. All good people must unite to defend our Muslim sisters and brothers from the race hate lies of the Aussie Islamophobes and their New Zealand cronies," said Grant Morgan. For more information, contact: Grant Morgan Organiser of RAM - Residents Action Movement 021 2544 515



Today there is a Voices of Peace workshop in Auckland where the nature of Islamophobia will be examined by Muslims and non-Muslims and moves made towards forming a broad activist network which will campaign against racism and other social injustices. GEORGE GALLOWAY will give the introduction. 2-5pm, Sunday 29 July. Fickling Convention Centre, 546 Mt Albert Rd, Three Kings. Limit of 250 participants, so those interested are being advised to get there early. Plenty of off street parking. NO DOOR CHARGE. Donations will be accepted.


faceless said...

if you have any recordings of these events in NZ, can you make them available? I did write to the organiser but got no reply.

this is a forum specifically to discuss George Galloway and related news.

Daphne said...

The meetings were recorded and a DVD will be made available. Hopefully we will have the detail of how to obtain it up here quite soon.

faceless said...

nice one, I'll look forward to seeing that as I'm sure the other members on the site would too. Also, if you need help with making any of it available online let me know.

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John Mullen said...

Great to see New Zealanders standing up against islamophobia