Saturday, 5 September 2009

Vanguard Films 30 years: A better world is possible

 2nd – 12th SEPTEMBER 2009
 $8 / $6 
 Corner Taranaki & Ghuznee Streets
, Wellington 

The Film Archive is proud to present a special two-week anniversary season dedicated to the Wellington-based independent production company Vanguard Films. The company celebrates 30 years this month. Each session will be introduced by a member of Vanguard Films. Vanguard Films have made some of the most important and difficult documentaries about modern New Zealand life. Tackling subject matter that is largely ignored by the mainstream – workers’ struggles, anti-war activism, the neo-liberal economic agenda, and health care – Vanguard members have sought to illuminate the margins of society, the challenges of ordinary people, and the deeply traumatic social changes of the past 30 years. These works are required viewing for anyone who seeks a real understanding of modern New Zealand society. Saturday 5 September, 7pm Kasama, 1988, 90 minutes | Green Guerillas, 1995, 30 mins A documentary on the underground revolutionary movement in the Philippines Kasama was shot over eight months while Rod Prosser was living with the guerillas of the New People's Army (NPA) in the Bicol region. The Green Guerillas was made for German television focusing on the armed struggle of a local clan of indigenous people, the Mandaya, together with the national-democratic movement, to save a tract of ancient rain forest on the island of Mindanao. Wednesday 9 September, 7pm Rebels in Retrospect, 1991, M, 74 minutes | The Terrorist, 1993, M, 28 mins Prominent members of the Progressive Youth Movement (PYM) reflect on their involvement with the group during the era of the Holyoake government and Vietnam war in Rebels in Retrospect while The Terrorist is a short film dedicated to Rachel Bennett (1967-1991).

 Thursday 10 September, 7pm 
Someone Else’s Country, NZ, 1996, 100 minutes This feature documentary tells the story of how the new right elite took power and exercised it relentlessly to turn New Zealand into their version of the model free-market state during the 1980s.

 Friday 11 September, 7pm 
 Primary Health Care, 1990, 28 mins | Backroom Troubles, 1997, 50 mins A short documentary looking at the struggle of the townships and suburbs, Eketahuna, Newtown (Wellington) and Urenui (North Taranaki) to gain primary health care for their population in Primary Health Care - the Experience of Four Communities. Backroom Troubles frames the stories of several New Zealand women who had abortions when it was illegal, between 1930 and 1979.

 Saturday 12 September, 4:30pm
 Sedition, NZ, 2005, 140 mins
 This hard-hitting documentary tells the story of conscientious objectors and anti-war campaigners fined and imprisoned in New Zealand for the duration of World War II. 

Saturday 12 September, 7:30pm
 The Intruder, 1999, PG, 16 mins / Taking the Waewae Express, 2008, M-Drug use & offensive language, 93 mins Two dramas - When the habit of loving becomes all habit and no love, it is time for the intruder (NZ, 1999, PG, 16 mins) to enter their midst. Taking the Waewae Express (NZ, 2008, M-drug use & offensive lang, 93 mins) follows the blame, bitterness, love and loyalty when Wiremu's younger brother dies in a car accident. 

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