Friday, 11 September 2009

Blogging for a Fare-Free New Zealand

New Zealand has a new blogsite promoting free and frequent public transport, it's called Fare-Free New Zealand. Go to

The editors welcome any NZ or international stories related to the campaign for fare-free public transport. Send to farefreenz(at) 

The call for free public transport is being made internationally by environmentalists, campaigners against climate change, Green parties, and eco-socialists. It's a campaign focus that makes lots of ecological, economic and political sense. And it's a grassroots response to the threat of climate change that challenges the pro-market illogic of the pollution market (otherwise known as carbon or emissions trading).

Free and frequent public transport is one of the Ten Commandments promoted by RAM-Residents Action Movements. To read more about RAM's thinking on ecology and combating climate change read The RAM Plan.

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