Monday, 6 July 2009

People power gets bold CO2 reduction target from Scottish parliament

The Scottish parliament has just passed the world’s most ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets: 42% cuts to CO2 emissions (on 1990 levels) by 2020. All parties in the Scottish parliament, across the left to right spectrum, voted in favour of the targets, which came the day after Washington announced that a 40% by 2020 target was “not on the cards”. NZ’s National-led government is considering an effectual target of 50% by 2050, in line with targets being proposed by the leaders of the US, Britain and other developed countries. Who want to avoid loading any costs on to big business. The reason for the bold target agreed by every party in the Scottish parliament? A broad-based campaign coalition representing 60 organisations and two million people: Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, which is itself part of the UK-wide coalition. Which just shows you what people power can achieve. The next step will be pressuring those same politicians in the Scottish Parliament to commit to real solutions to achieve the target. People power will be needed again. See Scottish parliament agrees tougher 42% target to cut emissions

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