Saturday, 11 July 2009

Interested in joining an Aotearoa Ecosocialist Network?

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions at a rate which prevents runaway global warming, and all its catastrophic consequences, will require a total societal shift.

The way we produce things, the way we live, has to change on a massive scale, within individual countries and globally. The transition to an ecologically sustainable society can’t happen without a parallel transformation of our political and social relations.

A group of activists are looking to establish an ecosocialist network in Aotearoa. If you would like to get involved, email David, colyer(at)

NZ socialists have signed The Belem Ecosocialist Declaration, which is calling for the necessary holistic transformation of society needed to combat climate change. You can read the declaration and sign up to it at


Chris Brown said...

Are you aware of what you are taking on? Billions of refugees. Palliative care. And helping people cope with horrors such as cannibalism and worse.

The tipping point is not some future conjunction of environmental science facts. It was a sociological event that took place decades ago.

Pinko said...

At the Christchurch / Otautahi consultation meeting, several Green Party members were interested in the idea of an Eco-Socialist Network.

One asked if I’d read “Babylon and Beyond” by British eco-socialist and Green Party member Derek Wall.


I haven’t, but as this is the second time I’ve heard Wall mentioned by a local activist this year, I probably should.

With three Chch residents (two from the Alliance, one from RAM) already among the 500 people to have endorsed The Belem Ecosocialist Declaration, the prospects of establishing a network here look good.