Friday 11 November 2011

Epsom debate: Banks attacks Brash

John Key has claimed that ACT is a “stable party”. But a picture paints a thousand words. Three photos from the Epsom meet the candidates debate.

1/ MANA candidate Pat O’Dea shows the people of Epsom who they are really voting for.

2/ Before leaving the stand O’Dea leaves Brash’s picture propped against the lectern. The MANA and the Greens Candidate look on grimly as Banks lays out ACT’s right wing agenda. (National’s Paul Goldsmith can be seen peering around the lectern, behind Banks, Labour candidate David Parker reclines looking relaxed with Banks’ comments)


3/ Hell breaks loose! Labour's David Parker looks on amazed, as Tim Watkin pushed aside in Banks’ frenzied rush on the sign, tries to recover his balance. Behind them John Banks is frustratedly attempting to tear up his leaders image.

Fortunately, the Don Brash picture had been laminated against such attacks.
But who knew John Banks would be the one to try?

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Anonymous said...

Well, did the corporate media try to capture that image? No they didn't!