Thursday, 17 February 2011

Tax Justice campaign in Britain

Tax Justice from PCS Union TV on Vimeo.

The global financial crisis, caused by the speculative activities of the super-rich, resulted in bailouts of banks and other financial institutions in most developed countries in the world, including New Zealand. The cost of the bailouts and the economic fallout from the crisis has hit grassroots people, through job losses and income cuts, but also increased taxes to pay for the bailouts. But often, as this video makes clear, the super-rich and big corporates have been allowed to escape paying the levels of tax they should. Last year, John Key’s National government upped GST to 15% and lowered taxes for the most wealthy people in New Zealand, and gave big corporates a tax cut as well (company tax has been lowered from 30% to 28%, now one of the lowest corporate tax rates on profit in the world). The massive bailouts and tax cuts to the super-rich have led to governments around the world cutting spending on health, education, welfare and other essential public services. No wonder the call for Tax Justice is starting to sound out loud from ordinary people who are angry at what governments, in partnership with the banks and big corporates, are trying to get away with.

Help fight for Tax Justice in New Zealand. Join the campaign to remove GST from food and tax financial speculation instead. 

Click here for more info. Or contact directly Vaughan Gunson, Tax Justice campaign coordinator, email or phone/txt 021-0415 082.

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