Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Rich Speculators Pay Zilch Tax

It's time to make changes!

Filthy rich speculators pay zilch tax – absolutely zero!
Meanwhile, get set for a hike in GST – booting the poor!
This is more than unfair. More than unjust. Much more.
Capitalism is extending the power of big finance.
It's class war waged by them against the rest of us.
It's time to organise our side. Time to set the agenda.
Be with us as we do it. Be part of history in the making!

Tax Justice Petition

Socialist Worker & the Alliance are sponsoring this petition:

We request Parliament to:
1. Remove GST from food.
2. Tax financial speculation.

What's the general reaction? Fantastic! People queue to sign our petition.

They don't need to be told that tax policy is unfair. What they're looking for is a solution.

That's what we're offering. And that's why we're so popular.

Become a Volunteer!

Join our tax justice campaign. Become part of our side's solution.

How? Start by helping out at our Central Auckland petition stalls, 12 noon every Saturday.

Here are the next four venues:

12 noon on Saturday 26 June outside Borders Bookshop, Queen St (next to Aotea Square).

12 noon on Saturday 3 July outside St Kevins Arcade, Karangahape Rd (just west of Verona Cafe).

12 noon on Saturday 10 July outside McDonalds, Queen St (between Wellesley and Victoria Streets).

12 noon on Saturday 17 July outside Borders Bookshop, Queen St (next to Aotea Square).

Can't make it? There's plenty of other ways to help out. Just reply to this email and say: I'm a volunteer for tax justice!

Grant Morgan
Socialist Worker
021 2544 515

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Anonymous said...

"Everything popular is wrong"

Oscar Wilde