Thursday 25 February 2010

North Island Climate Camp planning hui, this weekend

The Climate Camp movement is holding its first major get together since the first Climate Camp Aotearoa, which was held in Wellington last December. What: North Island Climate Camp planning hui When: Saturday 26th Feb [9.00am start] and Sunday 27th Feb Where: 135b Dey St Hamilton East Contact Louise to confirm attendance: (07) 8566857 or email Proposed agenda: 1. Camp debrief and the feedback form to look at and learn from. 2. Feedback from Jan 30 movement mapping climate conference in Wellington 3. Safer space, conflict resolution process revised 4. Possible name change eg. climate justice aotearoa or structure change?(having issues explaining ourselves as a ‘climate camp’ group while doing local project stuff…) 5. Helping set up new members / groups eg. hamilton, Dunedin 6. Funding Sources 7. The NZ Climate Movement / How we fit in [or not / or whatever] 8. Campaigning Opportunities [community / project opposition based] 9. Campaigning Opportunities [issue based] 10. Allies [existing / new groups] 11. Agriculture and Climate / Agriculture and Emissions Trading – our response 12. Researching for Climate Justice [and agriculture?] 13. Future actions/camps 14. Considering a climate justice speaking tour?

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