Sunday 10 January 2010

Peter Boyle: 'It's time for the DSP to merge into the Socialist Alliance'

from LINKS - International Journal of Socialist Renewal

This report and summary, presented by Peter Boyle on behalf of the DSP National Executive, was adopted by the 24th DSP Congress on January 2, 2010.

We are proposing to take an important step forward in our party building effort, an effort that has now spanned some four decades. We propose, at this 24th Congress, to merge the Democratic Socialist Perspective into the Socialist Alliance, to take everything we have learned and built over these years of political struggle (organised through the DSP) into a broader political organisation, an organisation which has a majority of members who don't come from the DSP.

We see this as the next best step to advance our objective of building a mass revolutionary socialist party that is capable of organising the Australian working class to bring into being a socialist society through replacing the political rule of the capitalist class with a working people's government.

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