Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Latest UNITY Journal - Bad Banks: What are the alternatives?

CONTENTS 5 A "public option" against the banks DAPHNE LAWLESS, editor of UNITY 11 Targeting capitalism's exploitation of labour and nature GRANT MORGAN, Socialist Worker (NZ) 15 The "collapse" of global capitalism GRANT MORGAN 18 Target Bad Banks and you target neo-liberalism VAUGHAN GUNSON, Socialist Worker (NZ) 22 Market volatility and profitability crisis GRANT MORGAN 25 An end to private banks SUE BRADFORD, former Green Party MP 32 Bank and tax systems due for overhaul RUSSEL NORMAN MP, Green Party leader 33 Inquiry shows need for govt to act FINSEC 34 Aussie tax-dodging robber banks MURRAY HORTON, Campaign against Foreign Control of Aotearoa 35 Protecting New Zealand jobs through bank guarantee schemes FINSEC 39 Is it "Kiwi" to be anti-union? VAUGHAN GUNSON interviews Andrew Campbell 41 CTU conference 2009: can unions build an alternative? GRANT BROOKES, Socialist Worker (NZ) 45 What's a "fractional reserve"? DAPHNE LAWLESS 47 Banks, money and thin air ADAM BUICK, Socialist Party of Great Britain 50 Socialist Worker Appeal 55 Ron Paul: a right-wing alternative? PETER De WAAL, Socialist Worker (NZ) 60 Why community currencies? DEIDRE KENT, Living Economies 63 Financial Transactions Tax: making Wall Street pay DEAN BAKER, Center for Economic and Policy Research 65 Our alternative to market madness CHRIS HARMAN, Socialist Workers Party (Britain) 70 Is nationalization socialism? YEN CHU, No-one Is Illegal (Canada) 74 Venezuela closes banks BRONWEN BEECHEY, Socialist Worker (NZ) 78 Latin America's economic rebels MARK WEISBROT, Center for Economic and Policy Research 81 Feedback: letters from David Frazer, Peter de Waal, Pat O'Dea and David Colyer To purchase a copy of this issue ($5 plus postage) contact Len, email, or phone (09)634 3984. To subscribe to UNITY Journal ($25 for four issues a year) contact Grant, Send a cheque made out to 'UNITY' to Box 13-685, Auckland, NZ, along with your postal details.

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