Thursday 22 October 2009

Saturday, October 24 is an International Day of Climate Action

This Saturday, October 24 is an International Day of Climate Action called by the worldwide 350 movement. Actions are happening around the country, under the umbrella of 350 Aotearoa. There is probably an event near you, follow this link for details. The movement is called “350” because: “Scientists say that an atmospheric carbon dioxide of 350 parts per million is the safe upper limit for humanity.” The 350 movement aims to put pressure on world leaders to reach an agreement on reducing green house gas emissions at the Copenhagen conference in December. It is calling for an agreement that includes strong reduction targets for developed countries, while recognising the right of poorer countries to continue to develop their economies. Unfortunately the leadership of 350 international seem to have fallen into the trap of believing that a pollution market (which is what the Copenhagen talks aim to establish) can reduce green house gas emissions. So all though they rightly point out that “current plans for the treaty are much too weak to get us back to safety”, they then argue that, “This treaty needs to put a high enough price on carbon that we stop using so much.” 350 aren’t the only ones who have accepted the pollution market approach, the Green Party backed the first version of the emissions trading scheme when it pushed through by Labour before last year’s election. Greenpeace too have decided to focus their campaign on the target of 40% reduction by 2020, while ignoring all the evidence that shows this target will never be met through a pollution market approach. Support for a pollution market among mainstream environmental groups is a big problem, but it should stop those of us who know the pollution market model is no good from going the movement. The fact is at this stage, most of thousands of people in this country (and the millions worldwide) who will be taking part in the 350 International Day of Climate Action aren’t aware of what a pollution market really means. It’s our job to tell them. Around the world the climate justice and ecosocialist activists are organising and educating against false solutions to climate change, such as pollution markets / carbon trading, and putting forward real positive solutions that will save the climate and build a better world for all. • The new Bad Banks leaflet from Socialist Worker, also announces the launch of the Ecosocialist Aotearoa Facebook group. • Climate Justice actavists are organising a climate camp in Wellington from 16 to 21 December 2009.

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