Tuesday 1 January 2008

A revolutionary constitution based on Tikanga Maori

by Penehamine Netana-Patuawa 17 August 2008 Tena koutou katoa. E mihi ana ahau i te Matua nui i te Rangi. Ko Mahuhu ki te Rangi te waka. Ko Ngati Whatua raua ko Te Roroa nga iwi. Ko Taita raua ko Waikaraka nga marae. Ko Maunganui te maunga. Ko Kaihu te awa. Ko Waipoua te ngahere. Ko Omamari te moana. Ko Raroa toku Papa. Ko Betty toku Mama. Ko Penehamine Netana-Patuawa taku ingoa. No reira tena koutou tena koutou tena no tatou katoa. Any written constitution must be revolutionary in nature. The word revolution can be divided into two parts: Revolve; Evolution. Each part is separate, yet linked. Revolve, to turn completely around. Evolution, to progress and change. At this period in history, we are still under the oppressive regime of a British mandated government which swears allegiance to the 'queen' and 'governor general'. Until this regime is overthrown and a revolutionary government based on the Declaration of Independence (which precedes the Treaty of Waitangi) implemented, no true constitution can be written. For if a constitution were to be written under the existing government, than it would be fatally flawed and tainted with the stench of the oppressors. The constitution itself must be based on Tikanga Maori. As for the revolution, it would preferably be a peaceful revolution. However, the reality is, those who are part of the oppressive regime which governs this country (the multi-nationals and big business) would, without hesitation, resort to the use of extreme force to protect their status quo. This being so, the revolutionaries have every right to defend their just cause. Those who are leaders have the responsibility to lead the masses in the revolution, as V.I. Lenin once said, 'Revolutions are festivals of the oppressed and exploited...At such times the people are capable of performing miracles, if judged by the limited, philistine yardstick of gradualist progress. But it is essential that leaders of revolutionary parties, too, should advance their aims more comprehensively and boldly at such a time, so that their slogans shall always be in advance of the revolutionary initiative of the masses, serve as a beacon of hope...and show them the shortest and most direct route to complete, absolute and decisive victory'. Naku noa

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