Monday, 28 June 2010

Kia Ora Gaza


Gaza’s 1.5 million people are imprisoned by the state of Israel in a giant concentration camp. The Israeli military enforces a blockade of essential supplies. There is terrible suffering, especially among the children. The citizens of Gaza face collective punishment, which is illegal under international law.

On 31 May 2010, a Gaza aid flotilla was hijacked on the open sea by Israel’s military. Nine civilian aid workers were shot to death. To break the siege of Gaza, on 12th September mass aid convoys will set off from London by sea and land.

We want to see Kiwi volunteers and aid go with them. Kia Ora Gaza is raising funds to make this possible.

Please give your support.
Write a cheque for ‘Kia Ora Gaza’ and post to:
Kia Ora Gaza, PO Box 59-007, Auckland.


7.30pm on Wednesday 7th July
Fickling Centre, 546 Mt Albert Rd, Three Kings

Come along to support Kia Ora Gaza.

Bring your family & friends.

Issued for Kia Ora Gaza by Grant Morgan. Email:


David said...

In other Palestine solidarity news, Facebook has shut down a page promoting the Workers Party's campaign in solidarity with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). For more details follow this link:

Philip said...

Letter to the editor

Last year the Workers Party of New Zealand launched a solidarity campaign with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Central to the campaign is the raising of funds for the PFLP through the sale of pro-PFLP t-shirts. All profits from the t-shirts are sent to the PFLP.

The first t-shirt, launched last June, featured the slogan 'Resistance is not Terrorism', a Palestinian flag and the name of the PFLP.

The first $NZ1,000 profit from the first t-shirt was sent to the PFLP earlier this year. See the PFLP statement:

This June the second t-shirt has been launched. It features the PFLP name and a picture of Leila Khaled, one of the most well-known leaders of the PFLP, who shot to fame as a plane hijacker four decades ago. Leila sent us the message "From Palestine with love, Leila Khaled" in her own handwriting for this t-shirt.

You can order the t-shirts on-line at:

The cost within New Zealand is $NZ30, plus $5 for packing and postage.

Outside New Zealand the cost is $NZ30 plus $NZ15 packing and postage. $NZ45 total.