Friday, 12 March 2010

Call for protests during US president Obama's visit to Guam, Indonesia & Australia

We, the undersigned progressive, anti-war, anti-neoliberalism and anti-imperialist organisations in the Asia-Pacific region, call for a wave protests to meet U.S. President Barack Obama's planned visits to Guam, Indonesia and Australia in March this year.

While President Obama was awarded Nobel peace prize last year, in fact his administration is escalating U.S.-led military aggression all around the world and continuing the Bush administration's so-called “war on terrorism” – which was in reality a return to colonial military occupations in the Third World justified by lies and a campaign of fear and racism. The war-like policies of the U.S. serve to protect and advance its economic exploitation and domination all around the world.

•    The U.S. has stepped up the war on Afghanistan and spilled it over the border into Pakistan.

•    The so-called withdrawal from Iraq is a fraud as the U.S. will retain hundreds of bases in and around Iraq and the Persian Gulf.

•    The U.S. is promoting a civil war in Yemen and is stepping up its threats against Iran.

•    The U.S. Is increasing its military bases in Latin America and increasing its military provocations against the progressive governments and movements in the region.

•    The U.S. is building up its military bases on Guam, a small Pacific nation colonially dominated and deformed by US military occupation.

•    Through the Naval Medical Research Unit 2 (NAMRU 2), which has recently changed its name to the Indonesia-United States Center for Medical Research (IUC), the U.S. is gathering intelligence, developing antivirus industry and biological weapons in Indonesia.

•    In agriculture sector, thru aid organization such as USAID the US government inserted GMO seeds as a part of biotechnology experiment by seeds corporation company i.e Monsanto and Dupont. Often this aid is using food for aid as a pretext.

•    The Obama administration has allocated US$1 trillion to the military in its latest budget even while millions of workers in the U.S. have been thrown out of work and have lost their homes.

•    Under President Obama, neoliberal pressure on the Third World has been intensified. Through the G20, $1.1 trillion spent on an economic stimulus to be delivered through the IMF. However the IMF loans to Third World countries come with severe with neoliberal conditions which will further destroy the livelihood of millions while bailing out the banks and protecting the capitalist system.

•    The US supporting the use of dirty energy in developing country, such as nuclear, agrofuel and coal energy. Thru international financial institution they control, fund is given. This shows that US doesn’t have any commitment to save global climate.

•    The US is planning to re-support KOPASSUS (Indonesia Special Force), which is notorious for human rights violation in East Timor and Indonesia. This shows that US doesn’t have any commitment in human rights appreciation.

President Obama’s visit to Australia will celebrate and boost the reactionary US-Australia war alliance and his visit to Indonesia is to prop up the slavish and corrupt neo-liberal regime of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Obama's visit to Guam is aimed at consolidating U.S. military domination and U.S. colonialism in the Pacific.

•    We call on the governments of our countries to end their military treaties and agreements with the U.S. and for the withdrawal of all political and military support for the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq all other imperialist wars.

•    We demand the removal of all U.S. bases from our countries and all the other 130 countries around the world which currently are the site of U.S. military bases.

•    We also demand an end to the presence of any US troops who are stationed in our countries, in the guise of conducting ‘training’ exercises, under military treaties.

•    We also call upon the governments of our countries to support a policy of international peace and cooperation based on demilitarisation and people-to-people solidarity.

•    In the wake of the global capitalist financial crisis, we also demand that the governments of Guam, Indonesia and Australia end their support for the global neoliberal agenda led by the U.S. imperialists.

•    We also demand that the governments of the US and Australia cancel all the debts paid to them by Third World countries, which are illegitimate debts, accrued through the  economic exploitation and subjugation of our countries.

This neoliberal agenda has imposed the pillaging of our peoples and the earth on an unprecedented scale while the global corporate elite has grown fat on profits and massive public subsidies.

No prosperity and peace will come out from this increasingly greedy and destructive capitalist system which the U.S uses its military might to defend. That is why we strive to unite to replace the existing exploitative capitalism system with a new world run and owned by the oppressed and exploited majority and based on solidarity, cooperation and respect for the environment.

If your organization wants to sign this joint statement, please contact:


    •    Working Peoples Association (Indonesia)
    •    Socialist Alliance (Australia)
    •    Socialist Worker (New Zealand)
    •    Partido Lakas ng Masa (Philippines)
    •    Solidarity (Australia)
    •    Labor Party of Pakistan
    •    Socialist Alternative (Australia)
    •    Socialist Party of Malaysia
    •    Confederation Congress of Indonesia Union Alliance
    •    People’s Democratic Party (PRD) of Indonesia
    •    Prof james Petras, Bartle professor emeritus, Binghamton university (USA)

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