Monday, 18 January 2010

Video: Socialist Alliance conference in Australia

An excellent video of the 7th National Conference of the Australian Socialist Alliance, which features short interviews with participants, including Peter Hughes from Socialist Worker-New Zealand. Bronwen Beechey (SW-NZ) and Mike Treen, National Director of Unite, also attended the conference.

The conference marked the formal merger of the Democratic Socialist Perspective (DSP) into the Socialist Alliance. The DSP was one of the initiators of the Socialist Alliance in 2001. See It's time for the DSP to merge into the Socialist Alliance by Peter Boyle.

The idea of bringing socialists from different backgrounds and traditions into one organisation is something that we should be considering in New Zealand. A New Zealand Socialist Alliance perhaps? Such a coming together would greatly improve the capacity of the socialist left in this country to give leadership at such a crucial time in history.

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