Sunday, 14 June 2009

Responding to the crisis: broad left parties or Marxist parties?

In the latest issue of UNITY Journal there is an article by Vaughan Gunson in support of Marxists joining together with other leftists in the attempt to build mass-based broad left parties, Responding to the crisis: Broad left unity to mobilise masses of people. Don Franks, from the Workers Party of New Zealand, was invited to respond. His reply is The rocks of opposing class interests. Th e question of how Marxists should politically organise in response to the global economic crisis, and dangers and opportunities the crisis presents, is a vital one. UNITYblog invites any responses to these articles or other contributions to the question of how we best organise today to give leadership to the grassroots masses. Send contributions to UNITYblog editor. Or post a comment directly.

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