Thursday, 26 February 2009

Ten lessons for the climate movement

A mass global movement that sweeps aside corporate opposition and drives through a raft of public solutions to prevent runaway climate change is urgent needed. Without such a movement the future for Australia and every other country on the planet looks bleak.
Aussie activist Damien Lawson puts forward his ten lessons for the climate movement. To read the full article click here 1. Changing government does not mean a change in policy 2. Continuous mobilisation 3. If we are not frightened then no-one else will be 4. Knocking on doors is as important as climbing smoke-stacks 5. Alliance building is more than box-ticking 6. Propose solutions that will work 7. Stop talking about the reef and start talking about people 8. But is it the economy, stupid? 9. We are activists not policy advisers 10. Our movement is and must be global Damien Lawson is the coordinator of the Climate Action Centre, Melbourne and works for Friends of the Earth Australia. His article first appeared in a Climate Reader prepared by the Carbon Equity project for Australia's Climate Action Summit. Visit See also:

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