Sunday, 12 October 2008

United States: Cindy Sheehan plans new party with a progressive platform

Socialist Worker-New Zealand believes that we need to urgently build mass alternatives to corporate imperialism, and to do this we need broad left parties to which socialists are fully committed. A broad left party is the necessary "transitional mechanism" for putting forward realistic and attainable "transitional demands" that connect right now with masses of people and mobilises them in the struggle against corporate control of society. Successful struggles will in turn open up new horizons, new possibilities for transforming society. Such a broad left coalition in the US is the only viable mechanism for building a mass movement against the kind of attempts to bail out the system (with the costs suffered by grassroots people) that we're seeing today. It could be that Cindy Sheehan's proposed party (see below) is a step in the direction of a broad left party. Socialists in the US should look to engage with this positive initiative. With the world in the grip of economic and environmental crisis, and the increased likelihood of more devastating wars, Marxists must be at the centre of any broad left alternatives. See also

Cindy Sheehan with Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's socialist president

Cindy Sheehan Reveals Plan for New [US] National Party by Stephen Dohnberg from Digital Journal 7 October 2008
Anti War activist and challenger for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Congressional Seat (CD 8, California), Cindy Sheehan has indicated her intention to launch a National political party after the U.S. Election of Nov. 4.

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