Sunday, 28 September 2008

RAM and GST-off-food in Wellington's Dominion Post

The GST off food campaign was given two pages in Wellington's Dominion Post newspaper on Saturday 27 September. RAM activists are quoted extensively alongside critics. Is the cure for rising prices as simple as g s t? by Hank Schouten from Dominion Post 27 September 2008 THE PAIN inflicted on households by a steep rise in food costs has prompted a call for GST to be taken off food. During the past year, prices have shot up 13 per cent and some staples have soared. Butter is up 87 per cent, cheese climbed 44 per cent and bread now costs 17 per cent more than it did 12 months ago. Households are also burdened by high petrol and power prices. The newly formed broad-left Residents Action Movement (RAM) is now calling for the goods and services tax (GST) to be lifted on food.

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