Thursday, 31 May 2007

Congratulations from Socialist Voice

Central Committee, Socialist Worker New Zealand

Dear comrades,

On behalf of Socialist Voice we congratulate you for your call for revolutionary socialists to focus on the stirring events in Venezuela.

We agree with your assessment that this revolution is “an historic opportunity for socialists everywhere to spotlight a real-life alternative” to capitalism, which may promote a revival in the revolutionary socialist movement internationally.

As you say, if the Venezuelan revolution continues to advance, it will contribute to a reshaping of the socialist and labour movements everywhere.

We look forward to working together with you and with other currents from diverse political backgrounds in this process.

Socialist Voice (, a Web publication founded in 2004, is based in Canada and circulated internationally. We have a board of 15 editorial contributors, including comrades in the U.S., Britain, and Nicaragua. We are diverse in our ages and background . Many of us were previously members of the sister organization in Canada of the Socialist Workers Party (U.S.) at varying times over the past 40 years.

In Canada, most of our contributing editors are active in the key political rights movements--antiwar, anti-Zionist, Cuba and Venezuela solidarity, and Haiti solidarity movements, mostly in Vancouver and Toronto. A small number of us are active trade unionists as well. We have held two educational conferences in Vancouver: the most recent, in March, drew 70 participants.

We are planning to attend the October 11 to 14 Latin American and Asia Pacific International Solidarity Forum in Australia. One of us, Roger Annis, hopes to visit New Zealand following the conference. This would provide an opportunity to discuss with you directly.

In solidarity,

Roger Annis and John Riddell
Co-editors, Socialist Voice

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