Monday, 16 April 2007

Zimbabwean Comrade to speak in NZ- but we need your help to get him here!

Zimbabwean Comrade to speak in NZ- but we need your help to get him here!

The CTU has been posting the LaborStart emergency bulletins from Zimbabwe recently- the trade union movement there has been leading the resistance against Mugabe's brutal dictatorship and vicious neo liberal policies. There was a General Strike last week amidst huge government oppression and a violent crackdown on the activist left.

One of the leading comrades in the struggle, Mun Gwisai, former MP for Highfield in Harare, is able to come and speak here in Auckland on Monday 23rd April. I have already approached John Minto of the Global Peace and Justice Auckland coalition about hosting a public meeting at Trades Hall, and helping meet some the costs of a return ticket to Sydney, which they have agreed to do.

BUt Mun Gwisai will also speak about the strong trade union movement battlling for its very survival in Zim, and is most keen to have the broadlest left meeting possible on Monday night. Would this be a meeting that you would like to help support financially, in the spirit of 81 and international solidarity? We are looking for concerned individuals to give a donation between 50 and a 100 dollars.

Media interest will be huge once we start promoting the meeting, and it would send a strong message back to Mugabe that the movement for democracy there has strong allies in the workers and anti racist movement of NZ.

Let me know if you can help with a pledge. Contact Joe at 021 1861450 or email Please circulate this article to all supporters of the fight for freedom in Africa!

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