Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Latest UNITY journal: ‘Tino Rangatiratanga mo te Ao Katoa. Self-Determination for the Whole World’


5 Editorial: More than “kia ora”

10 Marx, Engels and Lenin on the national question
NORM DIXON, Democratic Socialist Perspective (Australia)

27 Thirty years since Bastion Point
ROGER FOWLER, RAM co-organiser

34 Culture matters
PAUL MAUNDER, playwright

44 The Maori Party in their own words

51 Why Socialist Worker supports the Maori Party
GRANT BROOKES, Socialist Worker (New Zealand)

59 RAM endorses the Maori Party
OLIVER WOODS, RAM candidate for Auckland Central

61 RAM’s Indigenous Charter (draft)

65 Tuhoe: a long history of resistance
Dr RAWINIA HIGGINS, Victoria University of Wellington

80 Back in the mists of fear

83 October 15th: the colonial context

85 Venezuela: from indigenous resistance to solidarity and liberation
LISA MacDONALD and LARA PULLIN, Australian Venezuela Solidarity Network

95 A people’s constitution for Aotearoa?
VAUGHAN GUNSON, Socialist Worker (NZ)

116 Australian government forces Aborigines off their land
JAY FLETCHER & PETER ROBSON, Green Left Weekly (Australia)

119 Feedback: contributions from Ondine Green, Vaughan Gunson, and Peter de Waal

To purchase a copy for $5 contact Len, email or phone (09) 634 3984

There are four issues of UNITY journal published a year. Postal subscription inside NZ $25 for one year. Offshore fastpost $NZ40. Make cheque out to 'UNITY'. Send to Socialist Worker, Box 13-685, Auckland, New Zealand.


Unknown said...

Is there an online version?

Vaughan said...

Some of the articles will make it on to UNITYblog over the next few weeks and months. But the whole journal won't be going online. So suggest purchasing it. We can post the journal to you.